Welcome to the deliverable

Welcome to the deliverable. We’re excited you’re here. In this bimonthly dispatch, we’ll take you behind the scenes at SAMC, celebrate and draw insights from projects we’ve completed together with our Student Affairs partners, and provide actionable communications tips, advice and best practices you can put into use right away in your own work.

If there’s a particular topic or project you’d like to see featured, reach out to us at samc@ucdavis.edu and we’ll make sure we cover it in a future issue.

Deliverable (dɪˈlɪvərəb(ə)l), n.

  1. The quantifiable goods or services that will be provided upon the completion of a project; the tangible or intangible end product.
  2. Something which may be delivered.

It’s a word we use every day at SAMC, because the deliverables we produce here become the booklets, posters and laptop stickers you use to reach the campus community, the email and social media campaigns that help promote your events and the strategy that runs through all of it—this email itself is a deliverable. And yes, we’ll be delivering one to your inbox every second month, full of actionable tips and intriguing insights.

In This Issue

Eyes on the Prize: The 2018 Hermes Awards

Over the past year we’ve worked on a lot amazing and impactful projects together. Last month, several of them earned Hermes Creative Awards. Take a look at the projects that won. [ More ...]

Intern Spotlight on Camille Ramos ’18: Finding Her Way in S.A.

“I realized how much influence our social media really has on students.” We talk to Camille Ramos ’18 about lessons learned interning at SAMC and why she is sticking around Student Affairs after graduation. [More ...]

Sending the Right Message: Two Mini Case Studies

We take a close look at two projects that illustrate the way adjustments in messaging—often small—can have a big impact on student awareness, participation and results.  [More ...]