letter press fonts


UC Davis has three approved fonts: Proxima Nova, Ryman Eco and Freight Text. These are the only fonts we are allowed to use in our communications.

Example of all three campus fonts

Proxima Nova: Our sans-serif face comes in eight weights and is suited for all applications. Bold, extra bold and black weights work best in headlines, while middle weights are better for body copy and captions. 

Ryman Eco: As an environmentally sustainable typeface, Ryman uses about 33 percent less ink than other typefaces in print. It’s suitable for subheads and headlines because legibility decreases when it’s used for content-heavy areas. 

Freight Text: The Freight Text Pro family contains five weights designed for longer-form copy and smaller captions. 

To learn more about purchasing and utilizing these fonts, please visit the UC Davis' brand guide on fonts.