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UC Davis Wordmark

The wordmark is the preferred UC Davis identifier in all campus print and electronic applications. The extended version is used for audiences that may not be aware of our affiliation with the University of California.

UC Davis wordmark

Administrative Unit Signatures

All units within the schools and colleges, and all administrative units, must use the standard signature, including the Division of Student Affairs.

Student Affairs unit signatures

Graphic Elements (Unit Signatures for Centers and Institutes)

In Student Affairs, units that serve a distinct cultural or identity-based community have been granted permission to use a graphic element. They are inspired by community feedback and created through a 4-6 month collaborative process with SAMC and the unit. Graphic elements are visual icons and cannot include words or names of units. The element can be used in conjunction with your unit signature as a logo. They can also be used alone as a decorative element in a design, however, they cannot be used alone as a logo.

Below are graphic elements that have been designed by SAMC and approved by Strategic Communications. Several more are in the works.

Student Affairs graphic elements


Sub Brands

Sub brands are rare exceptions to standard logo policy. For Student Affairs units, they must be designed by SAMC under the supervision of Strategic Communications. Units with a pre-existing marketing effort built around a nonstandard mark may be grandfathered in. Otherwise, units must demonstrate a public-facing or retail mission or other business need that cannot be addressed within the official identity program.

Student Affairs sub brands

Programmatic Brands (Initiatives and Non-Academic Programs)

Units may develop programs and initiatives for many non-academic functions. Distinctive marks represented as customized text treatments help visually unify the effort for audiences across campus and beyond. These marks do not contain the UC Davis wordmark (the relationship is indicated in text only) and can only represent efforts by a unit, not the unit itself. This design treatment may never replace your Unit Signature. It may never be used as a logo. Some examples of programmatic brands are provided below.

Student Affairs programmatic brands

UC Davis Seal

The UC Davis seal is reserved exclusively for use by the Chancellor’s Office or on official documents acknowledging services performed or courses completed. Use of the seal must be approved by Strategic Communications.

UC Davis Seal

For more information about university logos and unit signatures, visit UC Davis’ brand guide on logos.